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Bike Code Item Name Price
Bike Code Item Name Price
Bike Code Item Name Price
Turbo 125 157FMJ E07-02-03 Plate Pressure 500.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E07-02-02 Center Clutch 500.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E07-02-01 Driving Disc Set/Outer Clutch Assy 2000.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E06-04 Filter Assy 30.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E06-03 Gear oil pump driven 100.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E06-02 Oil Pump Assy 500.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E05-07 Oil seal (Kick) 50.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E05-02 Crankcase LH 2500.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E04-07 Oil Seal (f12×22×5)(Cluch) 50.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E04-03 Gasket Cover R Crankcase 30.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E04-02 Crankcase Cover RH/Clutch Cover 2000.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E03-07 Plate tensioner pressing 100.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E03-06 Driven Timing Sprocke 200.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E03-04 Tensioner 500.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E03-03 Timing Chain 300.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E03-02 Tension Plate 200.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E03-01 Guide Plate(Timing Chain Guide) 200.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E01-12 Inlet Pipe Set 300.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E01-11 Gasket cylinder head cover 30.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E01-10 Cylinder head Cover 500.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E01-06 Cylinder Head Assy 3000.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E01-05 Gasket Cylinder 30.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E01-03 Cylinder Block 2500.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E01-02 Gasket Head 50.00
Turbo 125 157FMJ E01-01 Set Pin (F10×14) 20.00
Royal+ 22110/150FMG Driving Disc Set/Outer Clutch Assy 2000.00
Royal+ 17311/1P50FMG Inlet Pipe 300.00
Royal+ 16100 Carburetor Assy 2500.00
Royal+ 15611/1P50FMG Dipstick 50.00
Royal+ 14411/1P50FMG Rocker Arm Valve 300.00
Royal+ 14410/1P50FMG Rocker Arm Assy 300.00
Royal+ 14100/1P50FMG-3 Camshaft 800.00
Royal+ 13300/1P50FMG Piston Ping Set 250.00
Royal+ 13221/1P50FMG Piston Pin 50.00
Royal+ 13211/1P50FMG Piston 400.00
Royal+ 13141/1P50FMG Crankshaft Pin 200.00
Royal+ 13131 Connecting Rod 500.00
Royal+ 13100 Crankshaft & Connecting Rod 2500.00
Royal+ 12240/1P50FMG-3 Cover Cylinder Head RH 300.00
Royal+ 12220/1P50FMG Gasket Cylinder Head 50.00
Royal+ 12210/1P50FMG-3 Cylinder Head 2500.00
Royal+ 12112/1P50FMG Cylinder Block 2000.00
Royal+ 11451/1P50FMG-B Rear Cover LH/Sprocket Cover 500.00
Royal+ 11413/1P50FMG-B Plug 100.00
Royal+ 11411/1P50FMG-B Crankcase Cover LH 1500.00
Royal+ 11310/150FMG Crankcase Cover RH 1500.00
Royal+ 11110/1P50FMG-3 Crankcase RH 1500.00
Kite+ 11362-HBT-000 Chain Cover 150.00
Kite+ 07120-T0G0-0000 Oil Pump Assy 300.00
Kite+ 06301-T0G0-0000 valve rocker arm 100.00
Kite+ 06200-T0G0-0000 timing chain 84 150.00
Kite+ 06100-T0G0-0000 camshaft assy 500.00
Kite+ 06008-T0G0-0000 Timing drive sprocket 200.00
Kite+ 06002-T0G0-0000 exhaust valve 150.00
Kite+ 06001-T0G0-0000 intake valve/Exhaust Valve 300.00
Kite+ 05200-T0G0-0000 Piston Ring Assy. 200.00
Kite+ 05002-T0G0-0000 Piston pin 50.00
Kite+ 05001-T0G0-0000 Piston 300.00
Kite+ 04101-T0G0-0000 Connecting Rod 700.00
Kite+ 04000-T0G0-0000 Crank shaft Connecting Rod comp. 2000.00
Kite+ 03407-T0G0-0000 right trademark cover 200.00
Kite+ 03401-T0G0-0000 Oil Level Gauge 50.00
Kite+ 03301-T0G0-0000 left cover 1000.00
Kite+ 03210-T0G0-0000 right crank case 1200.00
Kite+ 03110-T0G0-0000 left crank case 1200.00
Kite+ 03109-T0G0-0000 Guide Plate, Start Chain 30.00
Kite+ 02002-T0G0-0000 Cylinder Gasket 30.00
Kite+ 02001-T0G0-0000 Cylinder 2000.00
Kite+ 01002-T0G0-0000 oil seal,valve lever 50.00
Cheeta 1556B-D002-0000 CHAIN ADJUSTING SET 150.00
Cheeta 1554B-D002-0000 LIFTER ASSY 300.00
Cheeta 15401-D002-0000 ROCKER ARM 200.00
Cheeta 1533A-HZ30-0000 GUIDE CHAIN ROLLER SET 100.00
Cheeta 1532B-G011-0000 SPROKET CHAIN / DRIVE CHAIN 400.00
Cheeta 15301-D002-0000 TIMING DRIVEN SPROCKET 200.00
Cheeta 15100-G011-0005 CAMP SHAFT COMP 800.00
Cheeta 14301-G011-0000 OIL RULER ASSY/GAUSE OIL LEVER 50.00
Cheeta 14100-G011-0000 OIL PUMP ASSY 300.00
Cheeta 1320B-G001-0000 CRANKSHAFT CONNECTING-ROD ASSY 2500.00
Cheeta 1310A-G011-0300 PISTON RING COMP 250.00
Cheeta 13102-D002-0000 PIN PISTON 50.00
Cheeta 13101-G011-0000 PISTON 400.00
Cheeta 12425-G001-000189 DECORATE COVER,R.CRANKCASE COVER 300.00
Cheeta 12421-F004-000089 COVER COMP. RIGHT CRANKCASE 1500.00
Cheeta 12304-G011-000089 CAP, BIG VIEW HOLE 100.00
Cheeta 12303-G011-000089 CAP, SMALL VIEW HOLE 50.00
Cheeta 12302-G011-000089 BACK PART,L.CRANKCASE COVER 400.00
Cheeta 12301-G011-L00189 FRONT PART,L.CRANKCASE COVER 1500.00
Cheeta 1222B-F004-000289 RIGHT CRANKCASE BLOCK 2000.00
Cheeta 1212B-F009-001089 LEFT CRANKCASE BLOCK 2000.00
Cheeta 1122B-G011-00000W CYLINDER HEAD ASSY 2500.00
Cheeta 11228-G011-01000W RIGHT COVER, CYLINDER HEAD 300.00
Cheeta 11227-G011-01000W LEFT COVER, CYLINDER HEAD 500.00
Cheeta 11226-F004-00000W UPPER COVER, CYLINDER HEAD 300.00
Cheeta 1110B-G011-00000Y CYLINDER BLOCK ASSEMBLY 2000.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210133700 HUB RR WHEEL 1400.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210132900 CAP FUEL TANK 400.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210132702 (F-3.11)SP LEVER RUBBER CLUTCH 20.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210132701 (F-3.9) SP GRIP L HANDLE 100.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210132400 (F-3.4)SP SWITCH ASSY WINKER 500.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210132400 (F-3.3)SP SWITCH ASSY LIGHTING 500.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210131800 (F-3.10)SP LEVER FR BRAKE 100.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210131700 PLATE SET DOWN PRESSURE 100.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210131600 (F-3.13)SP LEVER CLUTCH 100.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210131300 FIXING RUBBER RING 50.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210130900 (F-4.14)SP PLATE UPPER LINKING 400.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210130300 HUB FR WHEEL 1400.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210122000 (F-4.15)SP LOCK STEERING LOCK 200.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210121901(F17)SP CHAIN 102 400.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210121801 RUBBER STEP 80.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210121507(F-17)SP RUBBER PILLION STEP 100.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210121312 DAMPER 40.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210121307 ADJUSTOR L CHAIN 50.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210121302 ADJUSTOR R CHAIN 50.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210120509 (F-3.8)SP GRIP R HANDLE 150.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210120506 PLATE UPPER PRESSURE 50.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210120400 SPEEDOMETER 1500.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210120201 AXLE FR WHEEL 100.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210000027 RIGHT/LEFT SIDE COVER 500.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210000012 COTTER SIDE COVER 50.00
AD 80S Deluxe 210000002 SPRING BRAKE 50.00
Bullet EG001-51005-B-100 ROLLER CAM CHAIN TENSIONER 200.00
Bullet EG001-50500 PLATE COMP STOPPER 100.00
Bullet EG001-50300 ARM COMP VALVE ROCKER 200.00
Bullet EG001-50201-01 CAMSHAFT COMP WITH BEARING 800.00
Bullet EG001-50014-0051 GASKET CYLINDER HEAD COVER 30.00
Bullet EG001-50008-NQ COVER R CYLINDER HEAD SIDE 300.00
Bullet EF999-56500-B-100 GEAR COMP DRIVEN 1000.00
Bullet EF998-541001-01 SPRING GEARSHIFT RETURN 200.00
Bullet EF998-541001 ARM COMP GEARSHIFT 400.00
Bullet EF036-53501-NQ COVER R CRANKCASE 2000.00
Bullet EF020-570001-002 GEAR LEVER 400.00
Bullet EF020-570001-001 KICK LEVER 500.00
Bullet EF020-570001 KICK STARTER 1500.00
Bullet EF020-552021-B-100 GEAR COUNTERSHAFT 2ND(29T) 750.00
Bullet EF020-552011-B-100 GEAR COUNTERSHAFT 1ST(36T) 750.00
Bullet EF020-551021-B-100 GEAR MAINSHAFT 2nd(17T) 550.00
Bullet EF020-551011-B-100 MAINSHAFT TRANSMISSION 550.00
Bullet EF001-56004-03 LOWER PLATE CLUTCH 100.00
Bullet EF001-56004-02 DISK FRICTION 100.00
Bullet EF001-560011-0050-B GEAR DRIVE 200.00
Bullet EF001-53020-CP-03 GROMMET NEUTRAL SWITCH CORD 300.00
Bullet EF001-53020-CP-01 FLYWHEEL COMP 1100.00
Bullet EF001-53005-0051 GASKET R CRANKCASE COVER 30.00
Bullet EF001-51010-B-100 PIVOT CAM CHAIN TENSIONER 30.00
Bullet EF001-50009-NQ CAP TAPPET ADJUSTING HOLE 100.00
Applicable for all bikes 16100-HDY-001 Cylinder Comp.(Include All Parts) 2000
Applicable for all bikes 11362-HBT-000 Chain Cover 150
Applicable for all bikes 06100-T0G0-0000 camshaft assy 500
Applicable for all bikes 06002-T0G0-0000 exhaust valve 150
Applicable for all bikes 04101-T0G0-0000 Connecting Rod 700
Applicable for all bikes 04000-T0G0-0000 Crank shaft Connecting Rod comp. 2000
Applicable for all bikes 02002-T0G0-0000 Cylinder Gasket 30
Applicable for all bikes 02001-T0G0-0000 02001-T0G0-0000 2000