Manufacturing Plant

Domestic Pioneer Manufacturer of 2W in BD

Plant > Bhaluka, 70 km North of Dhaka Total Land Area > 38 acres

  • 16% land occupied for manufacturing, rest left green garden to maintain environmental balance
  • Annual Production Capacity? 100,000 Bikes (single shift operations)

Key shops/ sections:

  • Press & Machine Shop
  • Weld Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Engine Assembly Section
  • Vehicle Assembly Section
  • Logistics/ Warehousing
  • Central Quality Control Section
  • Research and Development

Press & Machine Shop

Well organized and modernized Press & Machine shop equipped with Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses in capacity range of 25 to 500 Ton. Blanking/ Piercing/ Bending/ Drawing of Frame Components.

Capacity (Per Day, Single Shift Operations)

  • Frame Panels > 450 units
  • Fuel Tank > 400 units
  • Swing Arm > 500 units
  • Main Stand > 500 units
  • Child Parts of Fuel Tank,
  • Swing Arm & Stand > 600

Weld Shop

Equipped with MIG, TIG, Arc, Spot, Seam and Gas welding machines manned with trained & skilled workers for providing qualitative & continuous production.

Capacity (Per Day, Single Shift Operations)

  • Frame Assy > 250 units
  • Fuel Tank > 400 units
  • Swing Arm > 500
  • Central Stand > 500
  • Main Step > 500

Paint Shop

Dedicated Painting lines/ facility - Metal Components - spray Plastic Components (ABS) – spray

Automatic applicator (Powder Coating) for metal components

Certified by Department of Environment (DOE) for maintaining environmental regulations in manufacturing facility.

Capacity (Per Day, Single Shift Operations)

  • Frame > 600 units
  • Fuel Tank > 600 units
  • Swing Arm > 1200 Units
  • Main Stand > 3000 Units
  • Main Step > 3000 Units
  • Fuel Tank Line > 300 Units
  • ABS Components > 300 Sets

Engine Assembly Section

Dedicated conveyer with 23 work-stations along with several sub assembly feeder lines, Leakage Testing, Engine Testing unit etc.

Capacity (Per Day, Single Shift Operations)

  • Engines > 490 units (approx.)

Vehicle Assembly Section

Two assembly conveyers along with off line sub assy stations for Frame sub assembly , wheels, handle bar, fairing , Seat, wiring harness, etc.

Capacity (Per Day, Single Shift Operations)

  • Vehicle Assembly > 500 Units (approx.)

Central Quality Control

Two end of line Dynamometer to test max speed, braking, wheel alignment and Head light.

Similarly end of line test benches are there for Engine assembly also wherein we start and run every engine to make sure basic functionality and to observe any abnormal noise or behavior.

After the vehicles passes from Chassis dyno, a team of dedicated inspectors check each and every vehicle by running on road and also for aesthetic parameters.

Research and Development

Process Design and Development
  1. Clay-Modelling Section.
  2. White light scanner.
  3. Design Section .
  4. Engine Analysis Wing.
  5. Frame Analysis Wing.
  6. Electrical and Electronics Dept.
Process Testing
  1. QC Laboratory for component test.
  2. Road Tests for vehicle performance tests, including:
  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine performance
  • Vehicle ergonomics
  • Component compatibility
Chassis Dynamometer (Tests & Simulations)
  • Acceleration (by time, by distance)
  • Maximum Vehicle speed
  • Wheel Traction force, Torque, Power
  • Vehicle fuel consumption (as per standard and customized drive cycles)
  • Mileage accumulation
  • Emission (CO, HC & Nox)
  • Accelerated Tests for Endurance and Life testing of Components
  • Drawing benchmarks and qualifying standards for components
  • Customized Simulations